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The Aeolian Recreational Boundary Institute (arb) evolved through extensive field research that took place in southern Alberta at the historic Stone House and surrounding lands in 2007. arb was invited to the international collaboration at Stone House because of their interest in the act of collaboration, the opportunity to work directly in the vast open landscape and to situate research and observation sites crucial to their work and vision. As a neutral, non-aligned and apolitical entity the arb institute is unfettered and desirable.

The resulting product of Stone House by the arbians was exhibited briefly in 2009. Although you guys brought the fences was victimized by the Philadelphia handlers, the governors of arb were able to embrace the circumstances as further justification for its existence. Since that time arb has enabled further exciting directions of research:

extraneous discovery
optic vibrations
associative investigations
nomographic relations

Subsequently, arb's interests resulted in several participations that furthered the institutes mandate. Arb members engaged in bulka and waterton. These activities sponsored by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) allowed arb to explore its commitment within the confines of the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Recently the ongoing program of pronghorn emancipation has kept the institute pronging on and on for years now.


The arb institute is:

Governor of Adventure, Mark Dicey
Mark has been a full time practicing artist and musician in Calgary since graduating from the Alberta College of Art in 1983. Mark provides insightful analysis and improvisational services.

Governor of Logistics, Michael Benoit
Michael brings 38 years of professional experience in the performing and visual arts. Holding a Diploma from the National Theatre School of Canada and an MFA, Directing, from the University of Alberta, Michael has made a vocation of worrying over the small stuff.

Governor of Purity, Christina Greco
Christina has been practicing her art in Calgary since 1975 and holds a BA cum laude from the State University of New York and a MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Christina's expertise is in keeping the arb institute real and magical.

Governor of the Registry, Doug Haslam
Doug received his formal training as a visual artist at the School of Craft and Design in Ontario. Doug offers situational alternatives to the ongoing challenges encountered by the institute.