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For several of our pronghorn adventures, the volunteers were very lucky to be supported by the fantastic and generous folks at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. We don't have enough kind words for the amazing goodies that they supplied us with. It's the
full-filling support from people like this that keep the hammers going! Ultimately the pronghorns benefit from our increased energy. We appreciate how sincere and committed Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is to the plight of the pronghorns.

So next time you are near chinook centre please make sure to drop in on them. They are an organic artisan bakery that specializes in Sourdough bread. They have a variety of baked goods, amazing sandwiches and of course bread.
Their hours are Friday and Saturday from 10:00 till 3:00 and their address is 5524 1A Street SW.

ya jus gotta try'em


Sidewalk Citizen Bakery


Nicolaas Willem van Veen
February 14, 1921–January 30, 2010