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Bulka Property—Barricade Breakdown
Aspen Parkland, Saskatchewan River Drainage Basin, Central Alberta
May 9th, 2009

Bulka was an eye opener for sure. What began as a simple gesture to assist an established organization (NCC) in their mission became the foundation for further exploration by arb in the following months.

The day was amazing with its many shifting conditions in weather and the varied terrain we worked in—rolling hills overladen with stands of Aspen interspersed with low lying wetlands. Red-tailed hawks soared overhead. The varied group of volunteers were fabulous and all jumped in with vigour to get the days work done. The chore at hand was to remove approximately 2 kilometers of wire fencing. The process of winding wire from the fencing and pulling the metal posts from the ground was a rewarding process. One became very aware of the true environment by getting our hands dirty and working up a sweat. Rolling the wire on the spools was a meditative process that became like a musical instrument in its rhythms and sounds. The teams pulling posts had their own rhythm leapfrogging along the fence line using post jacks. All in all a wee taste of what arb can do to contribute and build on our institute’s mission. Oh, and on the way out we couldn't help but notice the cacophony of croaks coming from the wetlands.

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