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aeolian recreational boundary institute projects are geared to collaboration with measured results that positively highlight integration of efforts with sunshine, wind and a burning desire towards fulfillment.

From our beginnings in lundbreck to the experience of barricade breakdown at bulka in 2009 and on to plucking the planks at waterton later that year, arb has successfully established a reputation for unbridled ludibrium and identity. Notorious for arbology, all of our collaborators have adhered to our strict deciduous bent.

During 2010, arbians put their shoulders to the wheel throughout the pronghorn emancipation project for a total of 19 miles of fence. The four arb governors survived the event under the guidance of the alberta fish and game association's masterful field projects coordinator—tj. In 2011, all arbians put their heart into continuing with the pronghorn emancipation project for another muscle testing 20 miles. We continued our yearly participation with the pronghorn project in 2012 and 2013.


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