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Aeolian Recreational Boundary Institute Report # A6743b

On August 8th, 2009 arb participated in an important project organized by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and partnering groups in the Waterton area of Alberta.
Following a great day of work dismantling fences and small shelters arb proceeded to use some of the wood that had been gathered for disposal (what was the fences and shelters) and constructed a free standing sculpture entitled “fragility.” Once the construction began arb members soon realized that there were a number of factors to consider:

• the work was ephemeral and would be taken apart that day
• no foreign materials were to be used other than what was on site (debris from work day)
• the overwhelming vast beauty of the landscape had to be factored in and considered in view
• arb wear and tear from a good days work previously
• hunger
• sleep
• things that go “bump” in the night
• (ok... the last three are a wee bit of a diversion)
• nature
• change
• forces
• human impact

The tall and rambling pseudo “A” frame structure was erected in a very fragile precarious fashion purposely. The mountains were framed through the structure and mimicked by the components. From the tallest component the form swooped down towards and onto the prairie land—reaching for the sky and laying tightly to the earth.
The strongest metaphor that comes from the piece is that it reflects how fragile the land, environment and species are and how easy they can be altered and/or destructed. And just because we love metaphors… another would be: interdependency—when one element falls all others are affected. In the end the structure was encouraged to fall and allow for a clear view of the vast beauty surrounding

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