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you guys brought the fences

Somewhere near Lundbreck, Alberta and not far from the oldman dam lies stone house. One of the arb collaborators chose to take position on an escarpment above the house itself with a great view of the valley. At first glance the landscape appeared so beautiful and pristine. With time, thin, dark strings of colour began to appear. And with that came the memory of the warrior's words—"you guys brought the fences." Indeed, the dark lines were so everywhere, that in time, it became impossible to see anything else. It was the summer of 2007.

arb wishes to acknowledge all of the artists that participated for their contributions made to the final collaboration.

At the end of the stay all interventions were removed and the land was restored to it's original state.

Oh, and a particular thank you to the indigenous inhabitants that relinquished their territory during our occupation.





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